Dance lessons for kids

Classes for Children and Teenagers:

Are you looking for a new activity that will keep your children busy? Give them the gift of dance! A great hobby that will introduce them to a whole new world. Dancing is much like an exercise that will not only keep them fit and active but it can also help with their social skills and discipline. More importantly, they will have lots of fun with new friends.

Dance lessons for kids Charlotte NC


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Dance classes for toddlers, children and teenagers.

Dance is one of the best and most complete activities for children. It helps them develop a sense of responsibility, discipline and teamwork. Dancing also serves as an option to keep in shape and at a healthy weight. El Alma de la Luna - Dance Academy has over 12 years of experience teaching children and teenagers to dance in a different range of styles.

Our teaching method sets us apart from other studios because we do not teach ballroom dances that base on repetitive routines and a strict framework; on the contrary, our students learn to dance in such a way that it feels natural to their bodies, with their friends, in a friendly environment. El Alma de la Luna is a dance academy where they can all learn social skills and the value of teamwork.